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Swap between blockchains directly from your wallet. Earn yield on your assets. Powered by HAMMER.

What is Hammer Finance?

Decentralized Cross-Chain Infrastructure

Hammer Finance is a settlement layer that facilitates swaps between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cosmos Hub, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

Hammer Finance is secured by its native token, HAMMER, which deterministically accrues value as more assets are deposited into the network.

Anyone can use Hammer Finance to swap native assets between any supported chains or deposit their assets to earn yield from swaps.

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Hammer Finance Key Metrics

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Trust Minimized Infrastructure

Hammer Finance was designed from first principles to minimize trust and become a scalable, economically secure cross-chain communication and settlement layer. Dozens of exchanges rely on Hammer Finance to process swaps for their users & more.


Cross-Chain Swaps


Dual Liquidity


Savers Vaults


DEX Aggregation


Native Asset Security

Swap assets without relying on wrapped tokens. Provide liquidity and maintain custody.


Native Assets

Hammer Finance allows native cross-chain swaps without wrapped or pegged assets. Users don’t need HAMMER to pay for transactions. The only requirement is a transaction on the first chain.


Swappers always maintain self-custody of their funds, so they are always in control, including directly from a hardware wallet. Liquidity providers funds are always solvent, visible, and verifiable on the blockchain - secured by the open source code.

Single Asset Liquidity

Savers Vaults allow anyone to provide liquidity to Hammer Finance and earn from swap fees without exposure to HAMMER.

Secured by HAMMER

Node operators bond HAMMER to enter the network. Their bonds are worth more than the assets they secure. Hammer Finance’s open source code keeps funds safe.


Chain Agnostic Service Provider

Hammer Finance’s strong foundation for cross-chain communication enables much more than swaps.

New features and primitives undergo extensive research, design, and debate by the community and are subject to Hammer Finance's node governance processes. New blockchains are connected periodically.

What's Coming in 2023?

Synthetic Assets

DEX Aggregation

Single-Sided Yield

Protocol Owned Liquidity


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